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A clean and easy choice

Welcome to the wipeable, waterproof and wireless world of Cleankeys. Cleankeys is the world’s easiest to clean keyboard. One spray. One wipe. That’s all it takes to keep dirt and bacteria off its surface. It’s the infection control solution professionals around the world have been waiting for. Cleankeys’ waterproof design also means that it stands up to whatever your workplace throws at it—or on it.

The technology of touch

Our keypad responds only when tapped, so you can rest your hands down. There’s even an integrated circular track pad, so no need for a mouse. You’ll feel the difference our innovative design makes in your everyday work. While typing, you sense the slightest of ridges. Deep enough to feel. Shallow enough to wipe clean. It’s practically flat —yet completely tactile. All our technology is patent-pending—that means nothing compares.

Built for freedom. Built to last

Cleankeys is wireless—it moves with you. It’s mountable too, so it goes where you want it. And our rugged, waterproof design means it will take a lot, no matter where you take it. You can connect Cleankeys with ease. A USB connector plugs in and detects your keyboard automatically. Cleankeys is designed to be your keyboard for a long time. A very long time.

  • lat Surface for Ease of Cleaning
  • Integrated Backlighting
  • Space Saving Design
  • IP65 Rated – Fully Cleanable and Wipe-able
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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