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Cloud Computing

cloud computingCloud computing is a revolutionary phenomenon where data and information can be shared securely over the Internet. The emergence of this technology has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to find new ways to collaborate and work.

Jansa IT cloud computing solutions come as a complete package. Our solutions include applications; Microsoft hosted Exchange E-Mail, access to data, software and storage services without the problems associated with physical location. You can access any of our services from around the world.

The potential of “anywhere” computing has been significantly boosted with the emergence of cloud computing. Your organisation can benefit significantly and reach new levels of productivity and sale ability without having to invest in infrastructure or training new personnel. Cloud computing also does away with the hassle of licensing new software. Jansa IT can provide cloud computing services which are fully flexible with access through a regular low subscription payments or pay per use.

Just like you can access the Internet from almost anywhere, cloud computing allows you the same flexibility and convenience. This frees you from the limitation of where you are physically located. All you need to do is locate the information or data over the network and access your files anytime, anywhere.

Cloud computing solutions are an efficient and flexible way to organise, manage, deliver and use your IT services. Jansa IT can create a website for you, accessible wherever you are and help you realise the full business potential of your organisation. Your business data and information is encrypted and made securely available on the cloud so that its easily accessible by your staff.

Jansa IT can provide the expertise and strategic capabilities to help you make the right decisions so that you can gain the maximum benefits from cloud computing solutions. We have a full range of cloud computing services you should consider.