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Data Backup / Online Backup

A back up plan for your business is always important. We never know what to expect, when and where. We are all prone to human and natural disasters which, when they occur on a grand scale, can inflict a devastating loss to our businesses. A fire or flood can literally destroy a business and similarly a power failure in your area can cause your work to come to a halt or cause a system breakdown and end up corrupting valuable data on your computer systems.

When such disasters fall upon businesses that heavily rely on the existence of data then it’s impossible for them to function; however unlikely, they can bring businesses to a grinding halt.

Jansa IT has all the complete solution for protection against such losses; we can assist you in devising an offline and cloud based online data backup strategy. Data can be off your premises but still within easy access. Often, computer hacking and malware attacks result in loss of data, but if you have all your valuable information stored at a different location, then there is an assured way reviving the operations of your business again. This is where “cloud computing” comes into play. With this in place, you can access your data wherever you are and become fully functional with very little, loss in downtime.

Opting for an online backup system with Jansa IT has the the following advantages:

– We will safely secure your data on our network and whenever you have a problem accessing your data all you have to do is let us know and we can promptly restore the backed up data.

– Jansa IT can provide you with unlimited space to hold your files.

– Backups to our servers will be automatic; there is no manual moving around or copying of your files.

– The changes you make on your system shall be recorded in real time.

– The previous versions you have of your data shall also be recorded.

Whatever happens, you can be assured that your data will be protected and backed up with Jansa IT. Allowing you to resume your work without incurring a loss in time or customers.