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Jansa IT

Help Desk

Businesses have been relying on Jansa IT to support their IT networks for over 10 years.
During this time Jansa IT has developed an efficient and methodical approach to proactively maintain our clients IT systems. Delivering both a flexible and predictable service. Jansa IT continue to establish lasting relationships across a variety of market sectors and sizes of organisations.

Jansa IT offers IT Support and Maintenance in one of four ways:

  • Casual Support
  • Support Plans
  • Managed Services
  • IT Outsource

IT Helpdesk Services

Jansa IT has over 10 years experience providing first and second level telephone and email based helpdesk support for clients. Jansa IT helpdesk experience includes IT technical support, business application and end-user support.

Remote Monitoring

Jansa IT Remote Monitoring is a proactive, network monitoring service designed to identify any system errors prior to them interrupting a clients business operations.

Remote Monitoring checks for network and server faults, failures, and activity that exceeds established thresholds. As an example:

  • CPU utilisation on key servers
  • Memory utlisation on key servers
  • Hard disk capacity on key servers
  • Average number of user connections
  • Server error messages
  • Running processes and Services
  • Trends across key items such as CPU, RAM and Disk usage