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Network Security

network security servicesToday, most of the security attacks are found on the internet. Jansa IT is engaged with delivering solutions to several IT industries. We provide network security to organizations for safe and secure data delivery.

Jansa IT offers high performance network security services, to help you effectively manage and secure your important data. At Jansa IT, we deliver solutions for internet security risks such as junk e-mail, worms, spyware, adware and Denial of Service(DDos attacks), by keeping you up to date with the latest technology for web and email security.

Over recent years the prevalence of wireless networks has given rise to increased concerns over the security implications. Although at Jansa IT we recommend installing wired networks in an office based business environment, there are ways in which you can implement secure wireless networks that give your workforce greater freedom and mobility without sacrificing security of your data and information.

Network security risks such as virus, Trojans, Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are big threats and many businesses lose time, money, and even their business due to this. At Jansa IT, we work closely with our clients and provide comprehensive solutions to counter a wide range of security threats.

We have expertise in building secure wireless networks and can integrate them with your cabled network using the strongest encryption and authentication systems available to business.

Jansa IT sells and supports major network security brands to fulfil our clients requirements. Some of
the major security solutions we provide are listed below:

• Remote User Security

• Internet Gateway Security

• Email Security

• File Server Security

• Management Solution

• Content Security Software